My Discord Server!

2017-06-26 22:45:28 by NovaDrome

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I have created my own Discord server! This server is dedicated to all you music producers, musicians, and music lovers out there! There are fun bots, a nice community, and more stuff! If you love music and want to chat with us about music, or just have a good time, this is the place to go!

INVITE (Never expires):

I hope you enjoy your time in my server, and I’ll cya there!

New Logo!

2017-02-13 20:19:02 by NovaDrome

Tell me if you like this new logo, I wanted something simplistic and minimalistic, and its supposed to be a V and an A over lapping for noVAdrome. I don't know why the V and the A, I might make future changes, tell me suggestions, and leave your feedback in the comment section!




2017-01-09 16:45:50 by NovaDrome

Hey guys, I haven't been uploading much lately, but I'm working on like 5 songs at once, which you can't do in the demo. ???. Well, I bought FL Studio Signature Edition. Finally. Anyways, I am about to upload a remix of a very popular song, my remix won't be as good, definitely, but some more stuff. I have just created a YouTube Channel, and have a few vids, uploading more soon. Also, I'm gettign Adobe After Effects soon, so expect more eye candy ;).. Go sub there to support me! Anyways, that's about it.




2016-12-30 13:08:58 by NovaDrome

Hey  guys, I recently got a letter about me becoming unscouted from the Audio Portal because of someone who scouted me, and they might take away my account if my songs do not comply with the Terms & Conditions for the Audio Portal. Unfortunately, My early songs were made using an online music maker called Audiotool, and all there was were loops. I did not know at the time that many of those loops were stolen and copyrighted from other songs. As a result of that, I am going to be deleting my early songs from my NG account, but don't worry, if you like them, you can still access and download them here: Anyways, I hope you understand!



2016-11-29 17:15:31 by NovaDrome

Hai guys! I have been watching more and more FL Studio tutorials, and I came across this guy named EDWAN (Check him out!) He is really funny, but really helpful too! I learned a lot of new tricks, but also some new genres! So from now on, I will try to either make some nice melodic/tropical house (EDWAN - Luigy is a really good example of this), trap, or EDM. My new song is Melodic House. It was fun to make, but for some reason I couldn't find the pan flute i was working with before ;( But anyways, my quality of music is getting better, and I hope you enjoy it more now. 



YASSSSSS!!!!! Finally! I actually made a good song, and COMPLETED IT! I really like this for one of my first songs on FL Studio, after experimenting for a while. I will submit it to Trap Nation soon, too, and if it makes it on that channel, IT WILL BE TOO MUCH FOR ME!!!! I feel like I'm using to many CAPS LOCK MOMENTS but I'm just really happy that I finished it. I actually used the demo for this, so if you have the demo and are all like "I CANT MAKE THIS!!!", you can! Also I had to put like 70 sticky notes on the computer screen so my family wouldn't shut the computer down, because, as some of you guys may know, DEMO CAN'T SAVE! I hope you like it!



2016-09-20 15:12:53 by NovaDrome

Im sorry that I have not posted in a while, I am busy with homework and stuff ;(. I now have the FL Studio Demo (ON MAC YEA), so my songs should be better. I am working on a song right now, so be patient and SOON YOU WILL WITNESS HISTORY (hopefully lol).